Base Package

  • 3-D model of the enclosure
  • Building made of 14 Gauge wall panels up to 48” in width each
  • Internal stiffeners, welds, frame tubing, base channels
  • Mounting holes for fastening to the skid or foundation
  • Inlet and discharge wall penetrations for air flow
  • Inlet and discharge weather louvers
  • Lifting lugs at each corner
  • Two-layer coating of exterior surfaces

optional Features

  • The enclosure can be further enhanced to be able to withstand higher wind loads or severe environments by using alternative construction materials such as marine type aluminum or 316L stainless steel.
  • HVAC: Heating and ventilation systems inclusive of fan assembly and air-conditioning     units
  • E&I: Electrical items including lights, light switches, and receptacles. Power & instrumentation wiring, including such as pressure and temperature switches. Panels and junction boxes. Wiring instrumentation such as pressure and temperature switches.
  • Packaging: Complete assembly of equipment, piping and fittings, valves, fuel tanks, and other components on a common skid base.

CAse Study

Fully Packaged 1500 kW genset with built-in 400-gallon day tank

ITUS Global provided a fully packaged turnkey solution to a customer requiring a weather generator enclosure. This was a nesting skid arrangement with the genset mounted on the interior skid. The enclosure was dropped over and around the interior skid and the two were bolted together.

  • Lifted and transported as a unit;
  • UL2085 tank integrated into the lifting skid;
  • Generator and radiator mounted on the UL tank;
  • Elbow and silencer, radiator flashing and battery rack provided;
  • Leak test, ultrasonic testing of the lifting lugs included.

Other Enclosures