Who We Are

Our mission

We are witnessing a changing world —one where weather conditions are becoming increasingly harsh, and ongoing urbanization is driving people to inhabit more challenging  environments.

These changes lead to the increased need to protect equipment from harsh conditions, and the need to protect environments from harmful equipment. From power generators to data  centers, from fire water pumps to control stations, we ensure the safety of the equipment, as well as the well-being of people and their environment.

our background

We come from the world of manufacturing equipment for offshore Oil & Gas. Through the years we have come across a wide range of projects where:

  • critical equipment needed to be shielded from severe weather conditions or highly corrosive  environments;
  • where we needed to ensure operating conditions for such equipment in case of a fire or explosion;
  • where we were required to safeguard the  surroundings from the emissions or loud noises produced by the equipment.

To manage these complex projects, we take pride in utilizing innovative process technologies that ensure  that every project is carried out with high precision design and engineering, stringent quality control and timely delivery.

our values


We deliver on our promises, accept responsibility for our actions, and always have our partnerships at the forefront when faced with tough decisions. We own our commitments and strive to exceed expectations.


We forge lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and investors, built on mutual respect and accountability. We rely on all our partners as well as one another for extraordinary results. We enjoy working in close collaboration and celebrate our joint achievements together.


We challenge the established status quo with our products, our services, and our technology. “Impossible” is not part of our vocabulary. We persevere. We never settle.


We nurture diversity and strongly believe in inclusivity. As a team, we are proud to be creating something special and are encouraged to swim upstream. We are committed to spurring change rather than trailing the beaten path.


Passion is the foundation of our organization. We strongly believe in our philosophy, our values, and in one another. It is passion that brings us together and creates the spark that inspires all of us to build something extraordinary.