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Enclosure Buildings For Your Every Need

We offer a variety of solutions - from simple weather enclosure buildings to highly specialized projects, inclusive of E&I, HVAC or even full packaging. We take pride in utilizing innovative process technologies that ensure that every project is carried out with high precision design and engineering, rigorous quality control and timely delivery. Our enclosures are designed and built in accordance with our stringent internal specifications.

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All of our enclosures can be custom-built to meet the exact needs of the customer. Our design team will evaluate all the requirements and specifications, and will be able to incorporate all necessary design criteria, such as:

  • Protection from weather elements
  • Ability to withstand high wind loads
  • Protection from severe environments
  • Temperature and humidity controls
  • Ability to withstand seismic events
  • Acoustical protection
  • Blast protection
  • Purge and pressurized

What We Offer

Weather Enclosures

Weather Enclosure Buildings protect your critical equipment from elements such as rain, hail or debris.

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acoustical enclosures

Acoustical Enclosure Buildings protect the environment from the loud noises produced by the equipment. We are able to deal with any sound levels and bring the noise down to residential requirements (65 dB @ 3 feet).

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fire-rated enclosures

We offer a wide range of Fire-Rated Enclosure Buildings designed in accordance with Class A-rating for cellulosic fires or Class H-rating for hydrocarbon fires. Our minimum fire rating is A0 all the way up to H120.

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LAtest News

Critical Equipment and Extreme Weather Events

The growing threat of extreme weather events, capable of paralyzing an entire state, is a stark reminder that protecting your critical equipment is no longer a matter of preference, but a matter of duty and necessity.

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Why We Need Acoustical Enclosures

Excessive noise levels have the capability to inflict significant damage on people's health and well-being. Learn how to determine whether you are exposed to excessive noise levels, and how to mitigate such situations.

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ITUS Global expands team in Peru

ITUS Global is pleased to announce that Luis Osorio has joined the company's international team in Lima, Peru as the Managing Director, Andean Region.

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What's in the Name

Here at ITUS Global, we strive to help you protect your critical equipment. Our tenacity, loyalty and vision are encompassed in our name - Itus Global.

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