Last week’s events in Texas were a resounding reminder of the growing risks of extreme weather events - something we are starting to witness with an increasing frequency. The recent Arctic Blast, which wreaked havoc in Texas, adds to the growing list of unprecedented weather disasters; a list that includes intensifying hurricane occurrences across the US and escalating forest fires globally (e.g. California, Australia, the Amazon basin)

The Arctic Blast had a devastating effect on all forms of energy source in Texas, when “virtually all types of generation failed to cope with this most recent extreme cold […] Wind turbines froze. Natural gas plants could not get fuel as gas wells froze, and outdoor equipment failed at coal, gas and nuclear plants.”[1]

What becomes increasingly evident in the aftermath of such catastrophic events, is that adequate preparation of critical equipment to deal with the effects of extreme weather is no longer a matter of preference, but a matter of necessity.

“In the years ahead, power experts say, Texas will need not only to better weatherize natural gas plants, pipelines and wind turbines, but also expand the amount the power generation kept in reserve for times of crisis when powerplants inevitably shut down.”[2]

When it comes to critical equipment – generators, fire water pumps, compressors or datacenters – adequate weatherization can be achieved at a reasonable cost by placing the equipment in purpose-designed enclosure buildings.

  • Features such as insulation, heaters and HVAC system, which ensure steady temperatures within the enclosure, will prevent equipment failure in case of steep temperature fluctuations.
  • Reinforced bearing structures and purpose-engineered roof loads will ensure the integrity of the equipment through high wind events, from tropical depressions to hurricanes.
  • Fire-rated enclosures, capable of withstanding fires for up to 2 hours, will ensure continuous operation of your equipment in the critical time of responding to a fire event.

ITUS Global was established specifically in response to an increased demand for specialized enclosure buildings. With a manufacturing base in Houston, we are ready to assess your critical equipment needs and find the best possible solution to protect the integrity of your operations. Contact us further assistance.

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