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Here at ITUS Global, we strive to help you protect your critical equipment. Our focus is on delivering a high quality product, seamless execution of even the most complex projects, and forging long-term relationships with our customers and partners. Our tenacity, loyalty and vision are encompassed in our name - ITUS Global.

What's in the name?

In ancient Athens, there was once a boy named Itus, he was unmatched on earth with his two swords. No mortal man could beat him. Humble as one can be, he did not brag about his skills, for he respected the gods. When Itus turned 18 he traveled to Delphi to seek out the oracle. When he arrived, the oracle decreed that Itus should go to Apollo, for he, in fear of his safety, had chosen Itus as his guardian.

Apollo was waiting for Itus and gave him 2 new swords. Itus vowed on his life to protect Apollo until the day he died. And protect him he did. Itus would not allow any harm to come to Apollo.

As Itus grew in age and wisdom, Apollo decided to make him a god. At first Itus refused as he didn’t feel himself worthy of godhood. But Apollo would not take no for an answer. He released Itus from his guardianship and made him a god. Itus now spends his days protecting the innocent from those that would do them harm.

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